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Spin the ball on the bottom  19 Mar 2020 To opt out of the sale of your personal information as permitted by the California Consumer Privacy Act, please use the links below to visit each  “I saw Curly Neal spin a ball and I thought that was cool,” Kettman said. pen, then one by one put them on the nailheads, the last two spinning on his fingertips . 4 Nov 2016 (This is not surprising.) To be fair, it took the video's star Mike Boyd a little over four and a half hours to meet his requirement – spinning the ball for  1 Mar 2019 Learn Streetball / Basketball Tricks, Skills & Moves With Tom "Conman" Connors. This video teaches you how to spin a basketball on your finger. 14 Feb 2018 during the period when the fingers apply spin to the ball. The seam sector angle between the fingertips of index and middle fingers was  6 May 2007 It's a cool stunt.

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In this easy how-to video juggler Niels Duinker will show how to spin a ball on your finger, NBA-style! You can spin almost any ball on your finger. It's a f 2016-03-05 · How to Spin a Football on Your Finger 1. Reach the Vertical Grooves: –. In order to spin a football over your finger, you should reach its vertical groves 2. Know Where You Need To Provide Support:-. While spinning a football on your finger, you should know the perfect angle 3.

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It Is All About The longest time to spin a regulation basketball on one finger, while maintaining the spin is 4 hr 15 min by Joseph Odhiambo (USA) on 19 Feburary 2006 in Houston, Texas, USA during the NBA All-Star Jam Session. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

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Start with the ends of your fingers pointing towards your body, throw the ball into the air with a 180-degree twist so that your fingers end up facing away from your   In a four-part tutorial, Harlem Globetrotters' Firefly takes us through a variety of basketball tricks. Here he teaches us how to spin the ball.

How to spin a ball on one finger

You should try to maintain a small gap between the base of the thumb and the ball. If you do not have this gap, it is likely that you are holding the ball … 2020-06-03 2010-01-18 2011-10-26 I also noticed that if you spin it on a smaller surface area then it also spins better and faster.
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How to spin a ball on one finger

Now for me, I like to use one hand. Get a nice spin. Put the ball on my finger. Some people, they use two hands.

This method can be used to spin a basketball, rugby ball or american football on your finger als You can use any of your fingers to spin the ball or you can transfer from one to another finger. You can also bounce it on your knee and then catch it on your finger.
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Get a nice spin. Put the ball on their finger. So If you spin an object around the intermediate axis, that is, the one with neither the highest nor the lowest moment of inertia, its rotation is unstable and a small perturbation will cause the object to flip over periodically. So if you spin an object along a non-intermediate axis it will be easier to balance, but not along the intermediate axis.

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So the first thing you've got to do, practice getting the spin on the ball, on your finger. Now for me, I like to use one hand.