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Project grants for artists, arts professionals, groups and organizations to travel abroad to network, collaborate and build the international profile of Canadian arts practice. Learn More. Representation and Promotion. Art Moves Africa (AMA) allocates 60 % of its annual travel support to artists and cultural professionals for trans-regional mobility and 40% are made accessible for travel within the same region.

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  5. Aftonbladet börsen No applications available. Master of Arts (Photography), University of Art and Design, Helsinki, 1984-90. Art pedagogy 2008 Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, travel grant Thank to SIM for that great opportunity to live and work in Reykjavik. With support by Iaspis – The Swedish Arts Grants Committee's International Programme for  2017Travel grant Swedish Art Academy. 2015Studio residency at Nordiska akvarellmuseet.


In addition, Fellows receive up to $250 in reimbursement for the cost of travel to and from their residency. Applying for artist grants is a great way for artists to supplement their income to ease the financial burden that often comes as part of being a working artist.

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Grants. 2020-21 The Swedish Arts Grants Committees Grant, 2-years. France; Artistic Research Grant (KFoU), The Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Alice Kimball English Traveling Fellowship,Yale University, New Haven, CT  Svenska Institutet travel grant '04.

Travel grants for artists

Estrid Ericsons Stiftelse. 2004 The Arts Grants Committee, Visual Arts Fund, two year  every fine arts college in Sweden, the 2017 Fredrik Roos Art Grant is on this generous grant, which gives artists an opportunity to travel and  This project was made possible with the generous travel grant from IASPIS (Swedish Arts Grants Committee) and Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse as part of an  2020 one-year working grant from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee 2018 grant for artistic development from the City of Malmö, Sweden 2018 travel grant from  During 2021 artists and cultural workers from Belarus have a possibility to live (the Swedish Arts Grants Committee's International Programme for Visual and Due to the covid 19 travel restrictions we can only present two of the residents,  The Art Grant Commitee of Sweden, 2 years working grant. 2019. Helge Ax:son Johnson's foundation, travel grant(Japan). Artist studio grant, Stockholm City.
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Travel grants for artists

funding programme, a travel grant for artists and cultural professionals for travel between the two regions (with four funding rounds a year, the next ones close on 15 March and 30 April) The LEAP award provides a $1000 grant to one grantee for an early career artist in the contemporary craft field. The gift is intended to be used towards a new product line or body of work. The Society for Contemporary Craft will commit to promoting the work for the duration of one year along with providing special features on six finalists. Artist Relief is a coming together of a number of arts organizations to help artists during this time.

2016 The  GRANTS, ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE (selected). 2018 Residency Milvus Artistic Research Center. 2016 Travel grant, Helge Ax:on Jonson.
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Creative Fellows receive $3,500 or $1,750 (depending on the length of stay) in support of their residency. The grant is paid to the respective colony directly on behalf of the artist. In addition, Fellows receive up to $250 in reimbursement for the cost of travel to and from their residency.

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Travel grants can only be applied for to cover personal or work group’s STEP Beyond Travel grants support the mobility of emerging artists and cultural workers – between EU and neighbouring countries – in cross-border projects. The application deadline for Step Beyond travel grants is 60 days prior departure. Expires: April 1, 2020 grants and funding, international, travel 2019-05-06 The Lighton International Artists Exchange Program (LIAEP) provides Travel Funding and Support for visual artists and arts professionals to travel to international residencies and artist communities, rand for foreign visual artists to travel to and work in the United States. On-the-Move